Wounded Warrior Assistance Act

I am asking you to contact your US Senator and ask for support of S 1283; it is the senate version of the House Bill, HR 1538, the Wounded Warrior Assistance Act. Tell your senator that supporting this bill is “The Right Thing To Do.”br /br /S 1283 would provide the assets needed to ensure that wounded soldiers feel secure that they will receive the needed quality care and that the system will not fail them. It also sets the stage for much needed reform of the admin processes that will restore warrior confidence in system. Some key provisions include:br /-Improvements to medical and dental care for members of the Armed Forces assigned to hospitals in an outpatient status.br /-Establishment of a toll-free hotline for reporting deficiencies in medical-related support facilities and expedited response to reports of deficiencies.br /-Independent medical advocate for members before Medical Evaluation Boards.br /-Training and workload for Physical Evaluation Board liaison officers.br /-Standardized training program for the DoD Disability Evaluation System.br /-Criteria for removal of member from Temporary Disability Retired List.br /-Improved transition of members of the Armed Forces to the Dept of Vets Affairs upon retirement or separation. This is particularly important to those being separated or retired under title 10 US Code, Chapter 61, for medical disability with less than 20 years service.br /-Establishment of Medical Support Fund for support of members of the Armed Forces returning to military service or civilian life.br /-Evaluation and report ofn DoD and DVA disability evaluation systems. It is already established that, on average, the DoD rates approximately 20% lower than the DVA, notwithstanding they both follow the same ratings schedule.

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