Presidential Candidate Report Card #1 of 7

Graded category #1. Comments Encourage Our Troops: When our nation is at war, everyone should support the troops and their families. We, veterans, preserve the right of all Americans to protest peacefully on any topic; yet when troops are down-range public negative comments or protest against the combat action always: encourages the enemy; discourages our troops by saying that their efforts are unworthy; and, worst of all, demeans and hurts their families. Honoring and respecting our troops includes actively condemning people and groups ( that demean our troops (including GEN Petreaus) and their efforts. If presidential aspirants believe that our involvement in the Mideast is wrong they are free to work to end our involvement—but their public comments must be supportive of our /Clinton Fbr /Edwards Fbr /Gravel Fbr /Kucinich Fbr /Obama Fbr /br /Giulaina Abr /Huckabee Abr /Hunter Abr /McCain Abr /Paul Fbr /Romney Abr /Thompson A

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