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A Cheap Political Trick

Again, a budget showdown between the White House and Republicans in Congress threatens to halt military paychecks, veterans’ benefits, and base services, all while the overseas combat ops continue. The White House hasn’t said which bills would go unpaid in a shutdown, but Press Secty Carney has repeatedly included military pay and veterans benefits in his list of threatened items. So they’re using the cheap political trick of trying to scare us—local pols threaten police and fire departments when they want the people to vote in more money. How about the Prez’s and Carney’s salary? How about eliminating the Departments of Energy and Education, which do little that’s useful? How about the Prez taking fewer vacations and fewer staff on the trips he does take?

Raising the debt limit to solve the nation’s deficit spending problem is like raising the allowable blood-alcohol levels to solve the drunk driving problem.

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