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Frontlines of Freedom 05-18-2013 Show # 282 Hour 2

Hosted by
Josh Leng

Owner & CEO at Talk Media Network - Where Entertainment Lives

Rape in the U.S. military, Medal of Honor recipient citations, USMC & Army veteran John Caras, a funny thing happened during the Vietnam War, and this week in military history.

– Elaine Donnelly, Founder of the Center For Military Readiness joins us to discuss an important social issue in the military today: Rape
– Medal of Honor recipient stories
– Shootin’ The Bull w/ USMC & U.S. Army veteran John Caras
– Drop Report: A NC man is convicted to four life term sentences for trying to hire hitmen to kill those who testified against him in his terrorism trial
– Denny recounts a humorous event during a fierce battle in Vietnam…
– This week in military history
– NRA Armed Citizen report
– This week’s book giveaway is our guest Brooke Goldstein’s book, “Lawfare: The War Against Free Speech
– Preview of next week’s show…

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