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Frontlines of Freedom 07-13-2013 Show # 290 Hour 2

Hosted by
Josh Leng

Owner & CEO at Talk Media Network - Where Entertainment Lives

Jack Hoban on The Ethical Warrior, Capt B.K. Bryans’ military books, and Marine vet, Attorney Ed Purdue joins us.

– Jack Hoban on his book, “The Ethical Warrior
– Military Book Reviews: B.K. Bryans’ “Those 67 Blues” and “The Dog Robbers
– Medal of Honor recipients
– Colonel Gillem shoot’s the bull with Marine veteran & Attorney Ed Purdue
– Drop report on the poor judgment of the Sanford Police Department in Florida
– Military History
– NRA armed citizen report
– This week’s book giveaway: “The Second Nuclear Age: Strategy, Danger, and the New Power Politics” by Paul Bracken
– Preview of next week’s show…

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