When the president recently tweeted out that he was going to prohibit transgender persons from joining or being in our military outrage was expressed from many directions—the general complaint was that it was discriminatory and just not fair. It’s worthy of note that the president has expressed his opinion, but, as yet, he has issued no orders to the Pentagon—so current policy stands. The current policy provides that those transgenders presently in the military may stay, but there is a 6 month hold on more joining so that the military chiefs can plan for implementation and/or voice their opposition.
It’s worthy of note that transgender people were only allowed to join our military during the last few months of President Obama’s term. Any who joined prior to a year ago did so by not revealing—that means lying—about their sexual status. So, they are illegally in our military.
I, for one, was overjoyed by the president’s new position. The Obama administration had begun a number of things that seriously downgraded our military’s combat readiness—which I’m about to discuss—and President Trump’s administration has, so far, done very little to make any corrections at all. This upcoming change is the first fo what I hope will be a major change in the culture of our military. Under Obama the culture was changed from combat readiness focus to political correctness focus.

As it stands today the Military Services have many top Civilians as holdover from the 8-year Obama nightmare and the new nominees are being held-hostage by the Democrats “Resist Strategy” slow-walking appointment confirmation. Additionally, the top military leadership positions are occupied by 8-years of Obama promotions… Traditionally, new Governments bring about many new deep-selection promotions to general and admiral—which apparently has not yet begun.

Remember, no one has the “right” to join our military. Neither does anyone have the right to join an NFL team or a medical-surgical practice that focuses on heart surgery. In each case, if you have all the professional qualifications and will fit well on the team, you can apply—but they don’t have to take you—they focus on adding people who will help them become more effective.

When President Trump appointed General Mattis to Secretary of Defense, he knew the man would change the way things work in regards to protecting this nation.
The former Marine only has one concern in his life, he says. He wants to make the US military the biggest most lethal group in the world. I totally agree. The only reason to have a military is to kill people and break things—and if we’re really good at that, then no one will want to mess with us—and our nation will be safe.

Having a combat-ready focus means watching where we spend our money and how we use our soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen’s time.
That means eliminating everything that is wasteful. The sensitivity training needs to go because it doesn’t make the military stronger.
Mattis has ordered a full review of any military training not directly relevant to warfighting.
Mattis will make sure there is a review of everything that was put into effect, especially under Leon Panetta and the Obama administration. It will likely all be gutted. And, oh boy, does most of it need to go.

“I want to verify that our military policies also support and enhance warfighting readiness and force lethality,” Mattis said.
Mattis also asked for a review into what should be done about permanently non-deployable service members.
When President Trump appointed General Mattis to Secretary of Defense, he knew the man would do what was necessary to protect our nation.
The former Marine only has one concern in his life. He wants to make the US military the biggest most lethal group in the world. It’s a good time to ruin the world’s bad guys—and there are lots of them– and General Mattis is clearly the guy to do it.

For years the politicians have ruined the US military. They wanted to make the military a social experiment. It’s been horrible that they think it’s appropriate to push political correctness and social policies that ruin the military ever seen on this planet.
Our soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors don’t need to be bothered with “sensitivity” training. They need to know how to take orders, operate their weapons, and win battles. They don’t have time entertain the stupid notions invented by liberals who never served their country.
The US military is not a democracy. Nor is it a place for political nonsense. It is the single force that preserves our country and our freedoms.

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