Movie Assignment for May

Troops, your viewing assignment for the month of May is to watch the Academy Award Winning Film ‘A Note of Triumph: The Norman Corwin Story‘.

On the evening of VE Day, the day Germany surrendered in WWII, May 8, 1945, Norman Corwin, known as the “poet laureate of radio drama,” presented a radio program that galvanized and electrified the nation.  The broadcast, “On a Note of Triumph,” was a moment that would mark the end of a long national struggle, and, in another sense, set a new standard for the art of radio drama.  It examines the greatest radio presentation in the history of radio.  For more information, go to

Your  job is to watch the 44-minute film, then email your thoughts and comments to me at  We’ll review the film on the last show of the month.

Click HERE for the film.  The password is ‘corwin’.

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