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Film Assignment for December

Troops, your viewing assignment for December is to watch the drama Florence Nightingale.

A highly inventive, full costume drama telling the untold story of one of Britain’s greatest national heroines. Often based on her own actual words, this gripping piece of television gained great reviews, tremendous audience response and a clutch of international awards.

With luscious sets, high entertainment and a wonderful supporting cast, the popular Scottish actress Laura Fraser brings the story of Florence’s early years to vivid and emotional life. The courageous battles with authority, her extreme bravery in the face of overwhelming odds, and her spiritual and physical breakdown after the fighting in the Crimea was over, capture both the heads and hearts of any audience with drama, humour and positive inspiration.

This 59 minute production also introduces the much loved British actor and comedian Roy Hudd as the leader of a raucous Music Hall troupe, who dip in and out of the action with songs and performances in the style of the times.

Your duty is to watch the film, then email your thoughts and comments to me at  We’ll review it on the last show of the month.

Click HERE for the film. The password to view it is “Florence”.

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