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USCG Announces 11 New Offshore Patrol Cutters

August 6, 2017 As heard on Frontlines of Freedom… The U.S. Coast Guard is pleased to announce the names of the first 11 offshore patrol cutters: * USCGC Argus * USCGC Chase * USCGC Ingham * USCGC Pickering * USCGC Rush * USCGC Icarus * USCGC...

blog soldier sanding in front of american flag

US Coast Guard

On 28 Jan 1915 an act of Congress created the US Coast Guard. Several organizations that had existed for a long time were merged under the new name. Anyway, happy birthday, Coasties!

blog soldier sanding in front of american flag

Coast Guard Week

We’re in the middle of Coast Guard Festival here in West Michigan. Grand Haven is Coast Guard City USA and their annual celebrations are absolutely first class. The celebrations will end on 4 Aug, the Coast Guard’s birthday. Frontlines...

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