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A New and Wierd Secretary of the Army

Every time I think I can’t possibly be shocked any further, the new administration proves me wrong. You’ll never guess who they’re nominating to be the next Secretary of the Army! They’ve tagged retired Marine General ARonold Punaro, who presently oversees the huge McLean VA based SIAC’s lobbying effort. It’s said that Punaro has strong support in the White House for the Army job from a fellow Marine, National Security Council chief James L. Jones. While there are clearly questions about giving the Army job to a Marine, but there are huge questions about why this administration—pledged to be the most honest in history—also brought in former industry lobbyist Bill Lynn as deputy secretary of defense. Is the Pentagon becoming defense-lobbyist-central? Punaro reputation is hardly that of a gent who wants to make our military strong and effective; he’s more into tinkering with things that work well while ignoring the things that don’t. This is another recipe for disaster.

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Denny Gillem
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