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A phoney mayor in Illinois

In his campaign literature, Calumet Park, IL, Mayor Joseph DuPar claimed that he was awarded four Bronze Stars and a Congressional Medal of Honor.

It’s worthy of note that this Chicago suburb became the first town in America to name a street for President Obama. “We want to stamp his name (on the community),” Mayor DuPar said. “I haven’t heard of anyone else doing this. We’re a little community, but we
may be the first out of the gate” to name a street after the president.”

DuPar did serve his country, but research conducted by the Chicago Tribune discovered that the mayor received a Vietnam Service Medal and four Bronze Service Stars–but not Bronze Star Medals–which are awarded for meritorious service or valor.  Nor was he awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Abe Wilson, who was an opponent of DuPar’s in last year’s election, was the first to question
these honors; he was hit with a defamation suit by DuPar.  Wilson is a retired Marine.  Now it’s DuPar who is in trouble–with the law.

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  • Liars who are weasals who wouldn’t serve their country, now lie about serving their country, and then think they are suitable for serving now?

    Matter of fact Mayor Joseph Dupar, Calumet Park, IL, claimed he was a “medal of honor” recipient. He isn’t. He claims he received Bronze Stars, he didn’t. He received Bronze “service” Stars.

    Blumenthal has less morals and scruples than Souder. Souder only hurt his family, so he left. Good. He should. There’s the door.

    Blumenthal is a parasite on our entire nation and our veterans. Kerry got a purple heart for. . . . .what. . . . a piece of egg shell in his eye? And bragged about them like he was a hero? But came back and testified and said horrible things about our servicemen. And then thinks he should be qualified to be president?

    What is wrong with all these scumbags who can’t tell right from wrong? Where is the mechanism in their heads that says “I’m not qualified to serve.” Or the mechanism that tells them “what I’m doing is wrong.”

    These are some seriously screwed up psychos running for office.

    Is this the best they can do? Blumenthal?

    Seriously. . . .are parasites like Blumenthal the best this nation can come up with?

    Why can’t this nation come up with people who know the difference between right and wrong to run for office?

    Why do so many psychos think they deserve promotion rather than understanding they aren’t suitable for office?

    At least Souder left. Good. There’s the door. Go away. He understood his failing made him unsuitable for office. Where is Blumenthal’s shame? Huh? Where is Blumenthal’s mental mechanism that says “I have brought shame upon myself, and am not suitable for higher office.”

    Blumental has absolutely no morals or scruples.

    Sanford had to be outted as having a mistress in another country. Edwards had a long time mistress and a child and thought he could be president?


    Kerry is a joke, and after everything he did but tried to portray himself as a “hero”. . thought he could be president?

    DuPar lies about his “medal of honor” (only 91 living recipients right now). . .

    Blumenthal lies about “when we got back”. . .

    Where are the “honorable” people?

    Why are we stuck with people who have no sense of shame about their behavior? Who can’t tell the difference between right and wrong?

    Why are we stuck with scumbags and liars? Why is it the scumbags and liars who think they deserve promotion?

    This guy DuPar needs to resign. Blumenthal should be run out of the race. . . .

    It’s time people started to self evaluate and understand, you don’t do stuff like this.

    If you lie about serving your nation, you’re unfit to serve the nation now.

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