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All I Want for Christmas is…

Given that Christmas is coming very soon, I want to share what I asked from Santa.

At the top of my list is a return to respect for our Constitution. Whether it’s radical Muslims here in this country who want to replace it with Shira Law or goofy Liberals who want to toss out our specific rights to make government even bigger and more powerful than it already is, or a chief executive who elects to ignore it when it’s not convenient—I’d like our nation to really be a Constitutional Republic again.

Next, I’d like our nation to return to where faith and spirituality is respected and welcomed. There is absolutely nothing in our Constitution that even hints at separation of church and state—if you‘ve ever read that in a constitution, you were reading the constitution of the now defunct USSR. Today our military chaplains can’t use the Bible as a basis when counseling soldiers; there can’t be Christmas trees in mess halls. Public schools are forcing students to learn of Islam—a valid religion, but that’s the only religion so preferred. Christian groups are being inappropriately investigated by the IRS. If you’ve read our Declaration of Independence it’s clear that our rights come not from the government, but from God. I’d like our nation to return to being grateful to Him for our many blessings.

I’d really like to see our military return to being focused on being combat ready as a first priority; when they’re not combat ready then all of our brave troops are much more likely to be killed or injured should they be placed in a combat situation. But right now our Pentagon’s total focus is on being politically correct. Women are the same as men, you know—well, you know that if you’re politically correct. If your brain is still working then you know that our bodies are built differently and that men are stronger and more durable in close combat type situations. And you realize that boys like girls and vice versa and when you put them together in foxholes or combat patrols for extended periods things will happen—which can destroy unit morale—and put everyone’s life at greater risk. Oh, and if you haven’t heard, women can and do get pregnant—and are then non-deployable and have to be cared for. Our military is on the path to having the best resources in the world for nursing mothers, but not being very good at close combat. So, Santa, I’d like our military to return to its primary mission, being the best outfit in the world at killing bad people and breaking things.

And, Santa, I’ve very worried about the Islamist terrorism that is coming and has arrived in my country. The first attack was at Fort Hood a couple of years ago. The second one was in San Bernadio in California—and the investigation shows that the terrorists had a large support group and easily got around our laws. We have no idea how many thousands of terrorists have come in across our totally uncontrolled southern border—and now our government wants to bring in more un-vetted Syrians from the Mideast—Syrians whose neighbors and co-religionists like Saudi Arabia and Qatar won’t take any of them. Then our President takes time after a terrorist attack to defend Islam on TV and the Attorney General threatens to prosecute those who speak poorly of Islam—not to prosecute terrorists. So, Santa, I want a government that will make it its absolute first priority to protect and defend the citizens of this nation—before we help refugees from anywhere else.

Somewhat in line with my other requests, I’d like a respect by our government and liberal friends for the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution. Our nation is under attack right now and it’s clear that it will very likely get worse. Santa, help every citizen to prepare, however they will, to defend themselves. Help all Americans understand that there is nothing noble about being a victim.

Finally, Santa, I’ve found that there is a liberal or progressive group of veterans called Vets Vote. I really do try to provide both sides of issues and have contacted them numerous times asking if they would have someone be interviewed on this show. Unfortunately, they’re totally ignoring my requests. Would you put something under their Christmas tree that assures them that I treat all my guests with respect and encourage them to come out of their shell and let me introduce them to all of my listeners. Thanks, Santa.

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