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America’s most dangerous Enemy

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, was a day that really got to me—in both a good and a bad way. I’m talking about the fact that our nation has an enemy that says they’re at war with us and wants all dead, yet we clearly have our collective heads in the sand.

For lunch yesterday I went to a very nice, formal lunch hosted by the Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum; several hundred folks were there. The speaker was retired Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft, who was President Ford’s National Security Advisor—and his close friend. General Scowcroft gave an around-the- world look at our nation’s security, making a number of very valid points. But, other than his opening remarks where he noted that you can’t declare war on terrorism, a very true statement, he never mentioned terror, Radical Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood or anything that would suggest that all is not well in the world as a whole. His only concern about a nuclear Iran was that it might encourage other regional states to want nuclear weapons. Bottom line, this was the perfect foreign threat speech if you are totally Politically Correct. PC does not permit the suggestion that there is any relation between Islam and terror or bad things for the US.

Then I went to the studio to record the show that is playing this weekend. My guest was Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, MD, who had written a book, A Battle for the Soul of Islam. Dr. Jasser’s parents emigrated to the US from Syria; he was born and raised here—as a Muslim. His family was patriotic, and he joined the Navy, serving as a medical officer. While a serving office he attended a national Muslim organization’s annual meeting where the key-note speaker advocated the eventual replacing of our constitution with Sharia Law. Jasser went to the microphone and called that statement seditious—and was shocked at how few others said anything at all.

Dr. Jasser has indentified Islamism as the combining of faith with political goals, which means a desire for a state controlled by Islamic (Sharia) Law. The Islamist spectrum runs from those who only wish for an Islamist state someday (the soft end) to the terrorists who want to blow you and themselves up to achieve an Islamist state (the hard end). All who are in America and advocate in one way or another the elimination our Constitution are enemies of our nation (remember, it is to our Constitution that we military and all federal officers take an oath). He has been in too many mosques in the US where Islamism is preached. CAIR promotes only Islamism, as do most of the major Muslim organizations in the US. Where does Islamism get its money? Saudi Arabia. What organization is the motivator behind Islamism? The Muslim Brotherhood. Jasser has started an organization, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, to oppose this idea; he promotes the idea that, like he is, people of faith who are Muslims, can and should be good, faithful Americans if they live here.

I became a Mideast war planner in the late 1970s and have studied the area ever since. I’ve read the Quran. I always knew that I was missing some key links in the makeup of the people of the region; this book identified them all for me. I strongly encourage everyone who is at all interested in politics, national security, law enforcement, religion, or just in understanding the flow of power in the world today to read this great book.

Bottom line: Our nation is at war with Islamism and we’re afraid to say so—but they’re clearly at war with us and are acting to take down our Constitution. Are we going to let them?

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  • Thank you so much. I have been posting about this topic until I am blue in the face. It is hard to get anyone livid about it, as they should be. Very frustrating.

  • As history has undeniably shown,the future of the USA depends on the bravery,and commitment of our youth,and the protection of the Constitution. I hope this book is one more vehicle to advance the awareness of the Muslim Brotherhood’s threat is to the USA.

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