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An EMT attack on the US

I was just reading the American Legion Magazine when a comment jumped out and grabbed my attention. Here it is: Our nation is now spending trillions of dollars to make our lives more comfortable and easier; yet it is not spending a single dime on to deter or defend against an EMT attack. That’s both true and terrible.I’ve discussed EMT attacks before. A small nuclear burst far above the US (one so small that it wouldn’t even be noticed by those directly below it) would fry all the radio receivers in the US. That would simply end all satellite, cell phone, wireless communications instantly. Cars wouldn’t start, credit cards couldn’t be used, electronic communication that was not hard-wired would be gone; America would shut down totally and instantly.Iran already has the missile and warhead necessary–or could have one quickly; North Korea isn’t far off. Perhaps there are other rogue states out there who could do the same thing. By why worry? Everybody loves us now, right. Our president went out and apologized to the world for who we are–that’s cheaper than defending the country against an EMT attack. And, no, the previous administration didn’t do much in this area, either.

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