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Another Nobel nomination

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), an organization dedicated to fight religious fundamentalism in the US military, has been nominated for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Rumor has it that the nomination was from the sole Christian senator of a US-ally. Like all faith groups, Christianity has a huge diversity in beliefs; our military seeks members from all faith groups–including those folks who are in the no-faith category. Military chaplains reasonably come from all faith groups, but seek to meet the needs of all soldiers; yes, they offer to share their faith–but I’ve never met a pushy one. All people, including soldiers, tend to share thier interests–this includes people of faith. Thus, soldiers of faith may well talk about, live, and share their faith; no one has to listen to any friend or peer who wishes to talk about anything, including their faith. The MRFF finds “fundamental” Christians, of which I am one, to be offensive. I’m sorry that they do, but I fought for their right to exist and to promote their position. All we know is that someone who is said to be a Christian (just guessing, but probably not a fundamentalist) thinks that they are in the same category (Nobel worthy) as President Obama. I wonder if he likes what they do, or…. oh well.

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