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Anti-war folk are pro-violence

The trend is clear. As has been the case throughout history, those who say they that they are anti-war regularly use violence as a means of making their point–just as they say that they are pro-free-speech, but will shout down or attack those who would speak words they don’t agree with. Military recruiters offices are quickly becoming the targets of violence, from bombs and gun shots to sit-ins and Berkley-style open hostility. br /br /On Easter Sunday, the celebration of the ressurection of the Prince of Peace, protestors disrupted a Catholic Mass at Holy Name Cathedral being conducted by Cardinal Francis George–their disruption included splashing phoney blood on those attending mass; oh yes, and the protestors said they were Catholic. They call themselves Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War. Six of them, aged 18-25 (hardly schoolgirls) were charged with felony criminal damage to property and simple battery. Another of Cardinal George’s “sins” according to these wannabe terrorists is that he spoke with President Bush when the President visited Chicago. br /br /These folks are, for the most part, not stupid. Their violence will continue to grow in both quantity and quality until society lets them know that they are evil and unwelcome. The trend is towards domistic terrorism–wait til the jihadists join them.

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