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Bastille Day in Afghanistan

Freedom is a bond that unites the US, Afghanistan and the coalition of partner nations. As service members of each nation sacrifice to secure Afghanistan, it’s important to remember those who have walked the path of freedom before us. Lessons learned from the past may allow future generations to enjoy the freedoms many hold dear /It’s in that spirit of brotherhood that soldiers celebrated Bastille Day at Bagram Air Field with a ceremony led by members of the French military on July 14. Bastille Day is the equivalent of America’s 4th of July, and marks the day in 1789 when the French Revolution was triggered by citizens storming the prison-fortress of Bastille. Parallels can be made between the French struggle for independence and the American Revolution. In fact, France has had a relationship with the US since our Revolutionary War, where the French monarchy helped us beat the /French Marine Lt. Col Jen Christope Berry said that Bastille Day is a great day for freedom, and the lesson of never standing for oppression is applicable today in Afghanistan. And the day took on a lighter note, bringing old allies closer together. “I feel like part of the world village by serving in Afghanistan,” said one French soldier. France like the US is a country that has a history of enduring many wars which teaches the values of peace and freedom.

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