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Being armed makes sense

I was asked to be guest on a friend’s radio show today; he wanted to talk about Americans being armed. He knows that I feel that a major part of America’s defense strategy is an armed citizenry–A senior Japanese general during WWII advised his government never to consider invading the US as too many Americans are armed (something that’s not true in dictatorships). I put together some random notes; here’s what I took with me.

-Gun control: the theory that becoming a victim is somehow morally superior to defending yourself and your familyt.
-25 US states permit open carry–that is carrying a weapon openly (not concealed); Michigan is one of them. The “other” 25 states enjoy 4/5 of all murders within their borders.
-If gun owners are as vicious and violent as anti-gunners say they are–there shouldn’t be any gun owners left.
-So, if making guns illegal will take them off the street–maybe we should make heroin and meth illegal.
-“This year ill go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficeint, and the world will follow our lead into the future.” Adolph Hitler, 1935 Others who have mandated gun control are Castro, Stalin, Lenin, & Edi Amin.
-According to FBI statistics the weapon used most often in violent crimes is…a baseball bat. Here are some stats on Murders in the US for 2011:
Murders by knives-1694; by hands or feed-726′ by clubs or hammer: 496; by a rifle: 323. So, what do they want to control? Rifles.
-Here are the big 10 killers in the US: Tobacco use (48%); Medical errors (18%); Unintentional injuries (11%); Alcohol abuse (3.3%); Motor Vehicle accidents (3.2%); Unintentional poisoning (3%); Drug abuse (2.3%); Unintentional falls (2%); Non-firearm homicides (1.5%); firearm homicides (1%).

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