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Border upgrades

A big step is being taken to protect the people of Afghanistan and enhance security ops along the border; we are installing a new security system near the Spin Boldak border crossing.

The Persistent Surveillance System (PSS) consists of a blimp mounted with camera
equipment. It is flown on a tether several thousand feet in the air and permits around-the-clock surveillance of a wide area. Using this system, the Afghans will have high
resolution imagery, including full-motion video in their area. This input, combined
with the data from other security systems, will help security officials better anticipate
threats–of course, it will also help them respond to incidents.

The PSS has an impressive safety record; it is made of strong, durable materials, and is designed to withstand multiple tears in the balloon before it gently descends to the ground.

Surveillance systems such as this have a successful history in dealing with combat threats in eastern Afghanistan since early 2004; they’ve been used in Kabul and Kandahar City
since 2009. Plans are underway to launch them in other areas around Afghanistan, including several along the eastern border, during the coming months.

I’m delighted that our great military is taking these much needed steps to help Afghanistan secure their borders. I wonder if the southern border of the US can get in line for these great systems. We have nearly as big a problem on that border as the Afgans do on theirs. Come-on, US govt; remember to defend America, too.

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