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Captain Dale Dye – USMC Veteran, Actor & Military Advisor To Hollywood

This is a MUST HEAR Frontlines interview with Captain Dale Dye, the patriot who inspired Frontlines of Freedom, and who was behind the Oscar-winning performances in the movie Platoon and dozens of other Hollywood films including: Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, Tropic Thunder, Born On The Fourth Of July, and HBO’s Band of Brothers and The Pacific. He has also acted in 70+ movies and his unmistakeably gritty Gunnery Sergeant voice can be heard on the Medal of Honor video game franchise. Captain Dye joins us for a half hour to share with us how he went from being a Devil Dog in the Vietnam War, to becoming a military advisor to some of Hollywood’s biggest films ever.

Click to view Captain Dale Dye’s filmography on IMDB, and to read Captain Dale Dye’s bio on, his company’s website.

In the interview, Dale mentions his first book, Run Between The Raindrops: a Novel of the Vietnam War. A few of his other recently released books include:
 Peleliu File (The Shake Davis Series) (Jan 2013)
 Laos File (The Shake Davis Series) (Jan 2013)
 Chosin File (Sep 2012)

Here are also a few links to some Captain Dye articles worth reading…
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Hosted by
Josh Leng
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