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DADT is dead

Today, 21 Sept 2011, we, the US Military, say good-bye to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” DADT has served us well for many years. It has been cast off by people who never served and never plan to serve in our military.

It’s clear that homosexual Americans have served and are serving honorably and well in our military. There is nothing about them or their status that prohibits good military service. The problem is that our sexuality is at the very root of our beings; it’s not something, like hair color, that is incidental to our personalities. Under DADT homosexuals could serve as long as their sexuality was not known. What they (or any soldier) did off post, off duty was, and should be, their own business. It worked.

For decades now, our military has been a purely voluntary force. As a general statement, the young men and women who choose to serve in our military are of a somewhat conservative value set. This group, more than any other, finds homosexuality inappropriate—for a number of reasons, some of them religious. Our military culture, then, is not favorable to the homosexual lifestyle. Yet, the liberals who controlled our nation for the first two years of the Obama administration took it upon themselves, during the last few weeks that they had power, to make this major change that will affect our military force significantly.

What would any human being do if they suddenly found themselves in an environment which was very uncomfortable to them? That’s easy; when neighborhoods start getting run-down, the original inhabitants simply move away. I fully expect the bulk of the fine young people who serve in our military to vote with their feet—and leave the military.

While most homosexual folks are just, well, folks, who have no desire to push their status or preference on other people, there are some who will—and some of these will seek out the military to push their new-found status into the faces of those who have served our nation honorably and well through the last 10 years of war. Fists will be thrown and the politically correct nature of all our senior government officials, including those in uniform I fear, will protect the homosexual and punish the “straight” troop. And they’ll simply leave the military. This is what will destroy our too-small but very competent military.

Destroy it? Yes. When the current crop of brave troops leave, who will take their place? The sons and daughters of the liberals who forced this upon us? No. They never join. The answer is that no one will. Our too small military now will truly be a very, very small and ineffective force. And it all began today.

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