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I have read articles from all points of view about what the Conservatives in America should or should not do in regards to the reelection of Obama. There is little doubt in my mind that he will devastate our military and our nation; the question is, what can patriotic Americans do? So, here are two schools of thought, with some slight variations.

The first plan says that Republicans simply not oppose a single thing that Obama wants…approve it all; don’t vote against anything he wants. In other words, “let him own it” to everything Conservatives have proposed. This assumes that by the time the next election comes about the Democrats could not be elected to anything. There is some merit in this idea, but indeed the result would probably be devastating for tens of millions of citizens and for our entire nation, based upon what Obama and the Democrats accomplished (?) in the past 4 years.

The second alternative seems to be the most popular. The plan is to oppose the President and the Democratic agenda at every point. This is an emotional reaction that probably is not practical. In Congress, the Republican House and Republicans in the Senate must oppose selective Obama initiatives in the attempt to minimize damage to people’s lives and our nation as a whole. The problem with this is that what to oppose is really left up to each Republican in Congress and what they believe they can force through compromise.

There is, however, a variant of the second plan that involves us, the citizens. That option is explained in the following article and relies heavily in the Civil Disobedience of Conservatives. This proposal has real merit, in my opinion, and this needs to be spread to the masses and watch for the response. This strategy could indeed change some outcomes on the course our countrymen have selected. Civil Disobedience has a rich history of success when the committed minority opposes oppressive government. See this article:

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