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Evaluating NCOs

Our military has been at war since 2002, thus Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs), the backbone of the army have been vital. However, not everyone who was promoted to sergeant has worked out. The Army is now doing some house cleaning; it is reviewing personnel records of nearly 19,000 NCOs as it seeks to purge the senior enlisted ranks of underperforming, or even criminal, /NCOs with courts-martial, negative evaluations, failed leadership courses, removals for cause, reprimands and other disciplinary actions incurred since making their current ranks are being flagged. Among the reasons for negative reports are driving under the influence, sexual harassment charges, drug abuse, and alcohol /If such sergeants do not voluntarily retire, they will, for the most part, be discharged within six months. It is time for this to happen. Good NCOs make for a good army; bad ones, or those who are in over their heads …

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