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Fort Hood–still a problem

The attack at Fort Hood by an US Army Doctor who had become a traitor and was working with the enemy is very far from being resolved. While he is an American citizen, the only thing he should be tried for is treason–not murder or whatever. The FBI and Defense Dept have provided limited briefings on the situation to congress, but there are lots of questions unanswered. The Administration’s offered reason for the limited amount of information is that the release of it may foul the case against the traitor.

This seems unlikely, and top congressional leaders are demanding the administration cooperate with their investigation into the shooting; they’re threatening to subpoena officials if the government continues to “frustrate” their efforts. They are trying to piece together how the government missed what some, including me and anyone who wasn’t forced by political correctness to ignore the obvious about the Army’s only Palestinian medical doctor, believe were clear warning signs.

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