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Gun sights and Scripture verses

Trijicon, Inc. makes very, very good gun-sights. They have a big contract to provide sights for sniper scopes for our military and for several other countries. For decades now, at the direction of their owner and founder, they have printed references to Bible verses on their scopes. Someone just noticed this and the “I hate God” group of loonies are now calling this a violation of the separation of church and state–I wonder what funny cigarettes they’ve been smoking. You know, the references were there when the Pentagon ordered them. For Trijicon to deliver scopes without the references would be to deliver something other than what was ordered. But, no, the company will “cease and desist” because they don’t want to have to put up with the crap the loonies will certainly create if they don’t. I feel sorry for Trijicon. I’m more sorry for America–the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to our Constitution does not at all mean separation of church and state–and even if it did, what does an inscription on a scope have to do with that? Political correctness is killing our fine nation.

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Denny Gillem
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