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Hanoi Jane, again.

Hollywood’s American Film Institute has honored Hanoi Jane Fonda with a “Life Achievement Award”, this group’s highest honor for a career in film.

I invite all Americans, especially veterans, to review the horribly anti-American, anti-veteran impact Fonda had on the Vietnam War—both in prolonging it and in promoting the deaths of more American servicemen. Jane Fonda deserves only to be listed in a Hall of Shame. Here are some of her “accomplishments:”

1. Born in 1937 into American privilege, Jane Fonda in 1967 was a spoiled 30 year old adult woman.

2. She used her Hollywood fame & fortune to fund Vietnam “anti-war” groups; conduct (with other prominent anti- Americans) the fraudulent “Winter Soldier Investigation”; support the Black Panthers (supported also by a well-known lawyer who went on to hold US political office), & to stir up protests. This, all despite her father’s sage advice: “Every time there’s a parade or peace rally in this country it will make the war last that much longer, because it doesn’t escape the attention of Ho Chi Minh.”

3. By mid-1972 Nixon had reduced our forces in Vietnam from 540,000 down to 65,000, had stopped the Draft, the South Vietnamese were holding on, & “Peace Talks” were underway.

4. But in July of 1972 Jane Fonda & her entourage, via Moscow, illegally entered North Vietnam.

5. While in North Vietnam she made 10 propaganda Radio Broadcasts over Radio Hanoi to undermine American Servicemen; very similar to “Tokyo Rose”, the infamous WW II Traitor.

6. She returned to the US claiming to America & the World that our POWs were not being tortured, & that the US was intentionally bombing schools, hospitals & their river dikes, all lies & propaganda as a puppet for the Communist North Vietnamese. Jane Fonda failed to consult men like Jeremiah Denton & George “Bud” Day or Jon Cavaianni, all prisoners of North Vietnam & Medal of Honor recipients, about these matters. On this trip to Hanoi, she was clearly “giving aid & comfort” to our enemy, encouraging them to continue the war.

7. In November of 1972 Nixon was re-elected in a landslide, the Peace Accords were finally signed by all in January of 1973, & all of America’s forces were withdrawn during March. But, 2 years later in March of 1975, the North Vietnamese Communists violated the “Peace Agreement” with a massive invasion of South Vietnam. America’s liberal Congress cut off aid rather than help our South Vietnamese Allies, In so doing, the American Congress guaranteed the Communists a victory, literally “handing it to them. Their so-called “unification” was really just tyranny, complete with Gulags, millions of “Boat People”, & the killing of almost 2 million Cambodians. Thousands of South Vietnamese endured prison for their service as ARVN soldiers, all at the hands of the North Vietnamese Communist regime.

8. Many former “protestors” were appalled, so Joan Baez & 84 other disillusioned notables published a full page ad in major newspapers May 30, 1979, imploring the North Vietnamese regime to stop their imprisonment & torture.

9. More dedicated to Communist victory than to the truth, or real “peace”, Jane Fonda refused to participate in the ad, criticizing them for making the North Vietnamese Communists “look bad”.

The unfortunate, but very deliberate, recognition of Jane Fonda, an American Traitor, is just one more thumb in the eye of our military by the ultra-Liberal Left in Hollywood. SHAME!

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