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Happy Thanksgiving to all those proud to be an American

All countries have their holidays and seasons to celebrate their uniqueness, when their citizens take justifiable pride in their country’s achievements. Thanksgiving is America’s Day, the time when all Americans get to celebrate the achievements of the most successful society in human history. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving will be bleak for America’s native-grown America-haters. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for being American. This is the day we celebrate the goodness of our country – the moral goodness, the moral decency of American institutions, American history, and the character and culture of the American people. No whining and moaning about what happened in the past. Think that America-haters can do this? Ask any you might know if they agree that:br /*America is, today, the least racist nation on earth (to disagree, another country must be named and accurately described with less racial turmoil and animosity).br /*Americans are the most charitable and generous people on our planet; no other people or country comes remotely /* Americans enjoy more religious freedom than any other /* The form of capitalism practiced here has created more wealth for more people than any economy in the world /* The selfless courage of American soldiers has brought more freedom to more people throughout the world than those of any country in history—and our country has asked for nothing in /* Western Civilization, of which America is the prime example, has brought incalculable benefits to mankind, compared to which its blemishes seem /The terrible problem America-haters will have in agreeing with any of these statements, and thus be thankful for America on Thanksgiving, is that they can’t really celebrate being American, for they feel guilty and embarrassed about it. I love America and am proud of being an American. I am embarrassed by the way so-called leaders in Washington are abusing our soldiers in combat and after their service, but the goodness of American has prevailed through worse—and we remain the bright spot in the world. God Bless America.!

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