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If LOST, we lose

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), if the US enters into it—and we’re actively working to ratify this UN treaty, hurts the US big time. It’ll be very, very expensive, money-wise; worst, it will take away some of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

If approved, LOST allows the UN to
• take control of economic and technology interests in all the oceans of the world,
• move towards a goal of redistributing wealth from the developed to undeveloped nations,
• restrict freedom of navigation,
• impact the maritime security of the US Navy by establishing exclusive economic zones;
• preempt the 2nd Amendment by allowing the confiscation of privately held firearms of all US citizens;
• suppress the Free Enterprise System by creating oppressive environmental regulations for our Republic.

It’s clear that the LOST Treaty is being aggressively pushed by the current administration in Washington with a goal to have it ratified by the Democratic controlled US Senate this year, before the results of this November’s election can take effect. Talk to your US Senators.

The US Navy has been exercising “Freedom of Navigation” on the high seas for 236 years (the war of 1812 with Great Britain was fought to guarantee that freedom; the US does not need to seek the permission of a committee of Third World Nations in the UN to navigate the oceans of the world.

Further, for reasons unclear to me, the present administration has agreed to transfer islands off the coast of Alaska with the surrounding territorial oil rich waters that the United States has sovereignty over to Russia for no reason or for no compensation. Vote this November.

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