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Illegals living here

During the Republican debate last evening (22 Nov) the issue arose of what to do with people who entered our country illegally many years ago, but who have lived here, paid taxes and raised their families here. Gingrich favored finding some way for those people to gain legal status–not citizenship. Others opposed it. There are valid arguments on both sides of the issue. Not discussed was the fact that illegals have been crossing our borders for generations because we welcome them; we want cheap labor to, for example, harvest our crops. We don’t want to pay $5 a head for lettuce–which is what it would cost if we paid Americans to harvest it. We want and have wanted the illegals to work for less and be happy with a low wage–which they (for the most part) are. So, if my family has been doing this for generations because you welcomed us, why am I now suddenly evil. This is a problem of our own making, and we must treat these workers with the respect due human beings.

However, the first issue is sealing our borders. We must do that and do it well. Without secure borders no other aspect of dealing with illegals makes any sense. We must secure our borders because the Islamic terrorists hate us and are crossing into our nation. Then we should find a humane way of dealing with illegals who are already here. This will be sticky, because everyone will want an exception, but we must make a policy, draw some lines, and enforce it. But, first we must seal our borders.

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  • Interesting topic, kind of volatile and could lead to bad feelings from Republicans, TEA Party members, and other conservatives, but here goes. You are right first we must secure the boarder. Anyone crossing the border is an illegal unless they do so in a legal manner with documents at designated crossing points. Those illegals here working and paying taxes will be treated different than those living off the efforts of the citizens of the United States that are tax payers. Those not paying taxes and milking me and my children out of our money need to go back. Those benefiting the United States by living James Madison’s definition of American, can stay if they meet requirements established in forthcoming laws if such is established. Madison said “being American is a choice, exercise by men of free will, to brave hazards and take risks for not but the promise of what could be America” My father came from Mexico bring with him his considerable surgical skills, legally. I am American, I am a Marine and my father was a great American by choice.
    I heard a quote by Pam Anderson that makes sense to me, “this is such a great place the least you could do when entering our country is to sign the guest book” Pam Anderson is legal American by choice. We welcome everyone; all we ask is that you sign the guest book.

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