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I’m back – sort of

I’ve been really quiet for the past week.  Last Friday, 23 Apr, I got a new knee.  Fifty years ago at West Point I made the last tackle of the last down of the last practice play–and tore a ligament.  Now that knee is history.  While I have some pain, my problem with getting “back in the saddle” is the drugs and other junk in  my body.   For all the good things that pain killers do, they also greatly reduce my ability to concentrate and to think rationally.   That’s why my great co-host, Colonel Steve Kenyon, hosted the current show.  I’m resuming my daily (or so) blogs immediately.

Are you kidding me?  The Navy is really going to put women in subs.  There are only two guaranteed outcomes: Underwater babies (and their not-available-for-full-duty moms) and and lots of sexual tension.  Just what we need to increase readiness.

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