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Increased Danger on our southern border.

I gained this information from Minuteman Project Founder and President Jim /br /There has been a heightened feeling of nervousness in the air in Miracle Valley with the new rash of murders now taken place in Naco Mexico. A new drug Cartel is taking over and 5 people a week are being murdered. Murders have also increased throughout Mexico. Now, this side of the border in also in danger. There is an increase in agents and a sense of concern on how long until it seeps into the US /br /The Drug Cartel is playing musical chairs with us. They move to a new location and then when we arrive they are crossing the border several miles away. Each day the situation becomes more hostile. The US must build fences and protect individuals along the border. Citizens and government officials must protect our borders because the drug cartels are running out of chairs and someday they will drive across our border with their guns blazing, a massacre in the waiting.The Cartels have deadlines and product that have to be moved. They exterminate and terminate any obstacle in their path, mostly other drug /br /Peruvians is a Peru Drug Cartel and they are at this time posing the biggest threat to Naco.It is important to remember that it is not just Mexicans Drug Cartel but the whole South America region that is organized. They pay off Mexican collaborators so they can utilize the Mexican Territory to set up and establish their /br /There are a few factors to be considered. It seems that most of the mules packing in the burlap back packs to our country are also victims. They are approached at gun point, their wife and children are held hostage having guns to their heads. They are then told they will be a mule or their wife will be raped and then shot. Their daughters will be sold into the sex industry and all their sons will be forced to join the cartels. These animals are brutal.This is all the more reason to secure our /br /We must stop the endless violence against innocent victims and humane trafficking. If it was not for the Minutemen and a few brave Border Patrol agents our border would have long ago been turned into an Armageddon.

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