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Iraqi prison

Remember all the boo-hoos about how the prisoners at Abu Gahrib prison were so poorly treated? While I’m not proud of the way our soldiers treated the prisoners, the “mistreatment” was akin to a college fraternity initiation. Nevertheless, our military has changed its way of handling prisoners. See if this doesn’t ring your bell–it does /At the Bagram Detention Facility, where they have over 500 prisoners or detainees or whatever:br /-most are released after 24 monthsbr /-the average weight gain is 46 poundsbr /-they learn to read their language to the 4th grade levelbr /-they have the option of learning English, too–and most dobr /-they receive vocational trainingbr /-they have access to an Islamic scholarbr /So you won’t be surprised that when the facility commander interviews each one upon release, the most common response is thanks and a hug. No doubt about it, with this attitude and practice, we are winning over there.

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