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It’s Good News

Oh, my gosh! There’s good news from the battlefield! Almost all reports from the folks in Iraq state that there has been a sudden shift in the pulse of battlefield. Sometimes without much warning thousands of once disgruntled Sunni have turned on al Qaeda, ceased resistance, and are flocking to join government security forces and begging the Americans to stop both al Qaeda and Shiite militias. Commanders in the field are cautious. They know that if the Shiite dominated government in Baghdad stays vengeful for decades of past suffering at the hands of Sunni Baathists, the reconciliation will fail. So our officers are desperately pressuring ministries to start distributing the vast wealth of Iraq’s $80 a barrel oil revenues to Anbar and Diyala before the Sunni revert back to insurgency. Opportunity is knocking. Fortunately, we have the right people in Iraq to help all this happen—unless they are sabotaged by our congress. The brilliance of our army and marines officers has not been fully appreciated by our nation. These officers, mainly from majors to Colonels, have PhDs and MAs, and are literally, all at once, trying to defeat al Qaeda gangs and Shiite militias, rebuild government facilities, arbitrate tribal feuds, repair utilities and train Iraqi army and police. Talk about multi-tasking. I hope that our government will support this great opportunity–however, they seem more focused on angering Turkey.

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