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More Foolishness in Grand Rapids

The Grand Rapids (MI) City government seems to be working overtime to try to catch up with the un-American idiocy of the Berkely, CA, city council. First they debated and approved a resolution damning the current war in Iraq–this is really not the business of any city government, but it did a great job of insulting every veteran (and thier families) in the area. Then, while this is not a military issue–it is clearly first grade foolishness (not to mention racism)–the city council openly condemned the city manager who had just appointed two very competent men to be the new Police Chief and Assistant Chief. The city manager was condemned because he appointed the African-American candidate to be the assistant chief, and the council wanted a ‘black chief.’ By the way, this same council, a few years earlier, did not push for the election of a ‘black state senator’ to represent the city–of course the candidate is a Republican–and got elected /br /Their latest is that veteran Michael Burri has proposed a monument to be placed in the Grand Rapids Veterans Memorial Park honoring the dead of the current war. He has designed and funded the monument–all it lacks is approval to have it placed. What’s the hold up, you might ask? It seems that at the base of the monument is inscribed “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Yes, that is the name of the operation in which the soldiers were killed. So what’s the problem? What do they want in the place of the proper name of the operation? The jugheads can’t seem to make up their minds. Thanks, Mike Burri, for being the point man on this noble effort. When is the next city council election?

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