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More troops for Afghanistan likely

President Obama is asking Congress for time to see whether his modified war plan for Afghanistan is working and does not rule out adding more American troops to help turn around a war some feel is a /James Jones, a retired Marine general with experience in Afghanistan, said we will know by the end of 2010 whether the president’s strategy announced in March is /Jones did not say how many additional US troops might head for Afghanistan, but a national security expert and adviser to the senior commander in Afghanistan has suggested an additional 45,000 American /Jones said the war is not now in crisis but there is a growing expectation that Obama would soon be asked to supplement the 21,000 additional troops he already approved for Afghanistan this year. Obama’s anti-war supporters are /I wonder if anyone in Washington remembers 9-11. The Islamofacists hate us and want all of us dead. That didn’t change when the president bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia. The Mideast war is a must-win war for them. They have the home field advantage and lots of opportunity to recruit more troops—as the American president and press work hard to give them ammunition for their recruiting efforts. A win to them is for us to leave before the area is stable (decades). If they win—then they come here.

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