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My yard signs disappeared

This past Friday night my Vets for McCain and McCain for Pres yard signs disappeared. No other signs disappeared. My assumption is that I was “visited” by followers of the most prominet disciple of Rev. Wright. Rev. Wright, you may remember is an outspoken racist and hates America–and he was the Obamas’ pastor for 20 years–and they never knew that he was a racist or hated America. I’ve been a member of a number of churches in my life and they’re all like big families–the pastor could never say anything different or contraversial without the word being all over the church family–including to those who weren’t present at the /br /I certainly don’t believe that Mr. Obama approves that some of his followers stole my yard signs. Neither do I believe that the Obamas sat under an America-hating, racist pastor for 20 years and didn’t know of his feelings and agree with him.

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