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Our non-combat-effective Army

Here is an email exchange between a currently serving member of the US Army and an old, retired army officer. I wish this were funny. Our Army’s strength is being cut far below anything reasonable; our few remaining soldiers need to be really combat ready, and this nonsense is going on.

Current soldier:
We are now, officially a ‘peacetime army’. I noticed the following 3 significant events within the last week:
1. The Post Command Sergeant Major (the post’s most senior enlisted man) is personally inspecting grass cutting in housing areas.
2. The garrison commander has, once again, revised the parking lot policy in front of the headquarters.
3. The SHARP coordinator is conducting a ‘skate night’ to raise awareness of SHARP.
So don’t worry about more troops in Iraq or other places. We will restart rock painting next week I’m sure.

Old soldier response:
What is SHARP?

Current soldier:
I am shocked, SHOCKED, that you are not familiar with the sexual harassment, assault response program! Your congress mandated dedicated positions (end strength) for SHARP.

Old soldier response:

Current soldier:
Laugh if you will, there are 2-3 battalions (800-1000 soldiers each) worth of non-trigger pullers making slides, planning skate nights, and otherwise contributing to the destruction of the enemy.

For the record, our military does have a problem with rape—given the age of the average troop, sexual activity is an issue—but it’s no worse than a similar group of civilians. However, there are more (reported) male-on-male sexual assaults than there are male-on-female. As bad as sexual assault is, does anyone really think that we can educate young people to not have sexual interest—and some of that does get violent—everywhere. Maybe the solution is fewer females—but the Pentagon plan to allow women into all military units (including infantry, rangers, and SEALs) starting in Jan 2015. Think things will get any better then? Me either.

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