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Note to self

I live in Michigan. One of my US Senators, Debbie Stabenow, was just quoted on the radio saying that the majority of the American people want Obamacare. Hummm. Either Debbie is unable to read and understand polls or she really believes that she knows better than we do what is best for us–a typical elitist, thus it’s what we would want if we were as smart as she is. br /br /Note to self. Get rid of Debbie and replace her with someone who can read and understand polls and who doesn’t think he/she is smarter than the rest of us. br /br /It is okay for an elected leader to go against the will of the majority of the people he/she represents; we elected them to be them–to stand up for their values. But it’s not okay to pretend that it’s what the people really want. That’s dishonest.

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