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Obama and lawsuits

I’ve written and talked earlier about the lawsuit initiated by Major Cook who suggests that President Obama is not a native born American, is unlawfully serving as president, and is, therefore, a domestic enemy of the US. Not surprisingly, there is now all sorts of new activity in that area. It’s quite likely that much of the recent (and future) activity is either baseless or lemmings following someone else’s idea; so, I don’t take the abundance of challenges to Mr. Obama’s citizenship to be evidence one way or another. However, to name a few, a number of veterans have filed their own lawsuits and, it is reported, the the Kenyan ambassador has reported that Mr. Obama was born in Kenya. The fact that a veteran (or anyone) files a lawsuit does not mean that their claim is true–neither is a report that any ambassador said /However, the pressure is building on Mr. Obama to produce a letigimate birth certificate from the State of Hawaii. It is pretty obvious that someone from Mr. Obama’s staff knows if a genuine certificate exists. If it doesn’t it would not take an Einstein to figure out that someone is busy creating one. Now the challenge to the stability of the republic is not if Mr. Obama will present his birth certificate–he certainly will at some point. The question is: will it be a fake?br /Oh, what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

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