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Opportunists attacking our rights

More of the rights we veterans pledged (and risked) our lives to defend are at risk because the tragedy of an apparently out of control Black teenager being shot and killed by a Neighborhood Watch Hispanic man has been taken over by people with an agenda; at this point, it’s not sure who attacked whom.

For the record, there was a witness who was interviewed by the local Fox affiliate was on 7 February. As reported, the Sanford Police handcuffed George Zimmerman when they arrived and conducted de-briefing at the Police Dept, followed by an investigation. Trayvon was 6’3” and 160 pounds and a high school football player. Zimmerman is 5’9” and 200 pounds (presumably out of shape).

But the huge national issue is not about the killing at all; those creating the uproar are interested in furthering their own causes, and, please note, not assuring that justice under the law occurs—you know, that innocent until proven guilty thing. The professional Race-Baiters like Sharpton and Jackson see this as an opportunity to keep their influence with the Black Community and continuing their source of funds because of influence.

Then there’s the President and AG Eric Holder and Senator Schumer (etal) who see this as their opportunity to attack gun laws enacted by many states.

The local Congresswoman, Corrine Brown, sees this as her chance to “profile” as a defender of Blacks, despite the fact that her constituent is George Zimmerman, not Trayvon Martin.

The NY Times sees this story as advancing the White vs Black racial aspect by now reporting that George Zimmerman is a White Hispanic man. No kidding. Does that make our president a White Black man?

The Bl;ack Panthers see this as a way to lift their national influence by issuing a “Wanted Dead or Alive” handbill, confident in the knowledge that our Justice Department will not pursue the issue and go after them.

The Congressional Black Caucus sees this as an incident that can reinvigorate their pursuit of reparations for wrongs corrected a hundred and fifty years ago.

Thank goodness that the Florida governor seems to be taking the right approach and re-investigating the initial reports and investigations—he apparently cares about justice under the law and the rights of all Americans—the ones we vets have defended with our lives.

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