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Our wrong policy towards Iran

As our foreign policy guru, Ric Grenell, discussed last week, our nation’s foreign policy towards Iran is beyond wrong or dumb; it’s criminal. It can only lead to war in the Mideast—and soon.

Iran is run by a group of religious leaders, Mullahs, who are absolute dictators. What the president of Iran says is what they tell him to say. Under their former president—who spoke harshly and bitterly against the US while they ignored both our and the UN’s desire that they stop refining uranium to weapons grade levels—the result was some pretty harsh economic sanctions. These sanctions hurt Iran, but not enough to interfere with their refining operations. So the Mullahs put into place—yes, there was an election, but the Mullahs decide who the candidates are—a new, smiley face, happy talker as president. This gent, the current president, was Iran’s representative to the 10 or so years of negotiations that were going on to get Iran to stop their refining. Yes, he’s the guy who kept assuring us that all would be well if we’d just have patience. So we waited—and they kept refining uranium. Now they have enough to make nuclear warheads—and they’re still refining.

Because the new president isn’t calling us names and is oh–so open to negotiations, we’re giving in. Our government started ending the sanctions last June. Our government says this is all good because at last we are having real negotiations with Iranian leadership. Yes, the new president is talking, but his nation is also refining uranium at top speed. This is exactly the game Hitler played with England, France and the other European nations while he was finalizing preparations to invade Poland. This is pretty clear to everyone—everyone except our president and secretary of state.

It’s certainly clear to Israel—of course, we’re talking about their very lives and the existence of their nation, so they take this a bit more seriously than our goofy leaders. That’s because Israel, who along with Britain, is the only solid ally the US has in the world, is squarely in the cross-hairs of our administration’s misguided actions

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israel’s parliament that a “bad deal” brokered by the US could lead to an unintended consequence – war in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, head of the Hezbollah terrorist organization, issued a statement saying that there will be a major regional war if world leaders don’t reach the bad deal with Iran that Israel’s Prime Minister is warning about!

So, tensions are rising in the Mideast and Secretary of State John Kerry has thrown fuel on the fire. Now, that’s diplomacy.

Fox News is reporting that Prime Minister Netanyahu warned Israel’s parliament in Jerusalem that the deal being brokered with Iran by Kerry and members of the international community is a bad deal that will have disastrous repercussions.

“I would go so far as to say that a bad deal could lead to the second, undesired option,” Netanyahu said, referring to war. “Iran is under great economic pressure and the advantage is with those who are pressing. There is no reason to give in to Iran’s demands now.”

So now our president says we have an “interim” deal with Iran. Sanctions against Iran are relaxed in return for production limits being placed on Iran’s nuclear program. What Iran really wanted and got was international recognition that they are a nuclear power—before they were a rogue nation in violation of UN positions. All they agreed to was 6-months of not making weapons-grade material, not that they need any more for their first crop of bombs—and that’s a cheap price to pay—if they even intend to stick to it.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has been highly critical of the proposed agreement…“It’s a bad and dangerous deal that deals with a thing that affects our survival. And when it comes to the question of Jewish survival and the survival of the Jewish state, I will not be silenced ever. Not on my watch. Good man, Netanyahu—a real leader.

By the way, he’s talking about striking Iran. There are non-nuclear bombs that can take out the very deep Iranian bunkers—but Israel doesn’t have many of them, and Israel counts on the US to supply them. It’s quite clear now that we won’t—so now we’re talking Israel using their nucs. Who knows what that will do to the very nervous folks in the Mideast; as a minimum, I’m betting, all oil exports will be stopped—if by no other way than Iran blocking the Straits of Hormuz.

Secretary Kerry also managed to undermine whatever remains of US-Israel relations when he chided Israeli leaders by telling them that the disputed territories in the West Bank belong to the Palestinians.

Kerry dared to ask Israeli officials, “Why do you want to build in what will eventually be Palestine? We do not believe the settlements are legitimate.”

Guess what, within days, Palestinians went on the offensive. Hamas leadership called on Arabs to unite in a Holy War and “uproot the Jews” from Israel.

Kerry’s comments clearly empowered the Palestinians’ offensive and created a deeper diplomatic rift between the US and Israel. The remark put our Ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro, in damage control mode trying to smooth over the rising tensions. But there is no smoothing over a real threat to the survival of Israel. Nope. We’ve about gone too far—and obviously don’t care.

Oh, and did our “deal” include the release of American citizen and Christian Pastor Saeed Abendini, or other Americas, imprisoned in Iran for their Christian faith. Did you even have to ask? Of course not.

Shame on America. Shame on us.

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