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Pres O’s speech to West Point grads

This is insightful, yet sad. The article is reproduced verbatim. Mary Wood is a West Point grad who attended the ceremony. Strong reaction.

West Point Class of 2014, May 30, 2014

The West Point graduating class of 2014 “spoke” volumes as their commencement speaker, Barack Obama, used the speech NOT to laud them for their accomplishments and their sacrifice to serve in the U.S. Military, no, instead he chose to use that precious time to tell them how effective his foreign policy has been, how the military role in foreign policy going forward (paraphrasing) “ain’t what it used to be” and is no longer a leading line of defense. At times he stumbled over the words on the teleprompter to the point of embarrassment but he didn’t seem to be in the least bothered by it.

To top off his narcissistic ramblings in which he claimed successes in Syria and Ukraine for God’s Sake and bragged about ending the war in Iraq (and as every cadet sitting there knew, his actions of pulling all troops on a date certain, handed Iraq right back to Al Qaeda linked terrorist groups as if the sacrifices our military made was of no consequence and stood for nothing). Believe me, every one of those intelligent, well informed cadets knew the sacrifice this president flushed down the toilet and for what; political gain.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he then lectured the cadets that they must focus on the progressive social policy of GLOBAL WARMING! He told them they must be prepared to help the government enforce the legislation. The looks on the cadets’ faces said it all!!! I could read their minds. “Since when has ANY of our military been used to enforce social policy? How ’bout NEVER! And for good reason, Mr. president, that kind of use of the military only happens under DICTATORS, you ass. We studied long and hard to learn how to lead troops to defend our country from enemies both foreign and domestic, not enforce domestic and social policy at a president’s whim!”

The cadets, as is the custom, were prompted to applaud at designated intervals throughout the speech. At first, the majority of the cadets clapped on cue (out of respect for the office I would imagine) but there was no enthusiasm in it. Not even at the beginning. As the speech progressed, fewer and fewer cadets clapped. Many chose to stare at the ground. By the end there were only five or six clapping when prompted. Did the president seem to notice the cadets’ silent protest? Oh hell no. He was so enthralled by the sound of his own voice he stood there and beamed like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Here’s the topper; as the president handed out the diplomas to the West Point cadets; each one very accomplished, intelligent and dedicated to serving their country, their Commander-in-Chief BOPPED AROUND on the stage CHEWING GUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disrespectful? Yeah, I’d say. He is clueless six years in to his presidency. There again, the expressions on the cadets faces told it all. Contrasts don’t get much more stark than that.

Mary Wood
Semper Fi!

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