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President Obama and the Just War

I’m indebted to my West Point classmate, Mike Wikan, for his comments on President Obama’s speech this evening as he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. I couldn’t my thoughts any better, so I have borrowed most of is words. I’m guessing that the president (or his speech writers) had just read Governor Sarah Palin’s book and learned from /As I listened to Obama wax eloquent about “Just War” I considered that this concept was not in his lexicon during previous months and years. His speech was, in places, halting as he either revised or stumbled over sentences. I think he delivered his best shot at an explanation that could only be made in light of calling on the “Just War” concept. In that speech he perhaps had to come to terms with concepts he did not earlier buy into. If that be the case, it shall be interesting if “maybe” he becomes more decisive in his wartime decisions.

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