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Presidential Candidate Report Card #3 of 7

Graded Category #3: Willing to stop Iran’s threat. Iran is clearly the major threat in the region. It is openly working to become a nuclear power. Given its open, active support of terrorist organizations, they will certainly make nuclear devices available to terrorist organizations once they get them. When American leadership concludes that Iran is about to become an active, nuclear threat to our nation and the world, our president must have the insight and courage to stop them—cold. This means a military strike. Not to do so will cost our nation and our military unacceptable suffering and likely /br /Clinton Bbr /Edwards Cbr /Gravel Fbr /Kucinich Fbr /Obama Cbr /br /Giuliani Abr /Huckabee Abr /Hunter Abr /McCain Abr /Paul Fbr /Romney Bbr /Thompson A

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