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Presidential Candidate Report Card #4 of 7

Graded Category #4: Will grow our military. Whether we stay in the Mid-east for a long term or not, we need a much bigger military. The current rotation of troops to the war-zone is so intense that the military is starting to loose the very vital middle-level officers and NCOs. If we have a need for border security or other internal military functions, (as we will for certain if we cut-and-run) we’ll need more military. The active military needs to be at least 3 times as big as it is right now. We need to return the reserve components to their “reserve” /br /Clinton C,br /Edwards Cbr /Gravel Dbr /Kucinich Fbr /Obama 0 (no info available)br /br /Giulaini Bbr /Huckabee Bbr /Hunter Bbr /McCain Bbr /Paul Fbr /Romney Bbr /Thompson A

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