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PTSD and Senator Feinstein

US Senator from California (embarrassingly, that’s my home state) Dianne Feinstein has proposed a bill that would seriously take away many 2nd Amendment rights. This is part of a knee-jerk response to the school shooting in Connecticut, but it’s also a part of some liberals’ need to constantly work away at the 2nd Amendment.
During a meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month on the topic of arms control, she made a statement that certainly suggests that veterans, or at least all post-9-11 veterans should be presumed to have PTSD and that having PTSD should disqualify anyone from possessing at least some firearms.
By the way, a PTSD expert I spoke with recently mentioned having an abortion is a significant cause of PTSD, too.
In discussing an amendment to her bill she said, “…this adds an exemption of retired military. As I understand our bill, no issue has arose in this regard during the 10 years the expired ban was effect… and what we did in the other bill was exempt possession by the United States or a department or agency of the United States… that included active military. The problem with expanding this is that you know with the advent of PTSD, which I think is a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War, it’s not clear how the seller or transferor of a firearm covered by this bill would verify that an individual was a member, or a veteran, and that there was no impairment of that individual with respect to having a weapon like this. So you know I would be happy to sit down with you again and see if we could work something out but I think we have to — if you’re going to do this, find a way that veterans who are incapacitated for one reason or another mentally don’t have access to this kind of weapon.”
Thankfully, Feinstein’s bill will very likely not make it through the Senate, at least for now, so American citizens (except, perhaps, for those unfortunate enough to live in New York) will have our 2nd Amendment rights left in tact.
By the way, what we now call PSTD has been around forever; it was first identified and named “Shell Shock” during WWII. As noted above, one does not have to be in combat, or even in uniform, to get PTSD.
Dear Californians: Please, don’t elect Senator Feinstein again. She is a disaster–maybe she has PTSD.

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  • This woman cleans her ears with dental floss. For her it is easy. Stick it in one ear, tilt your head and the floss come out the other side. There is nothing between her ears to stop the floss from moving through. How can American Citizens put up with these empty headed politicians. I recommend she be put in uniform, sent to Afghanistan, given a weapon, and then deny herself any benefits from that experience. Her idea of self-less service is to not let herself have an honest or compassionate thought for any service member. Denny go to California and run against her!!

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