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Re-elect almost Nobody

I really can’t believe that our Congress passed that huge spending bill! Whether or not you think that our nation needs an economic bail-out (I don’t), any member of Congress who voted for a huge spending bill like that without having read it and studied it is not doing his/her job!!! The bill came out with almost no time to even look at the cover before the vote was called. It was in PDF format so that our elected representatives couldn’t even do a word search to study the content–normally bills are in a format that allows word searches–this format was a deliberate effort by the House and Senate leaders to keep their members from knowing what was in the bill. By the way, this budget busting give-away of our dollars (actually, our kids and grandkid’s dollars) didn’t include anything for the US military. We’re at war and there was no money for the US military. I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but it seems like something is seriously wrong here. I say, any Congressman or Senator who voted for this plan had to have done so without reading (much less studying) it–so vote against them next time regardless of thier party affilitaton.

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