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Real American Heroes

I want to honor seven amazing American heroes. One is about to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. The other six showed bravery of another kind.

These six Americans absolutely demonstrate courage, love of justice, and commitment to our Constitution more than anyone I’ve seen anywhere lately. I’m speaking of the six ladies who were the jury at the Zimmerman murder trial. Certainly they all knew that the easy way out of their duty as jurors would be to find Zimmerman guilty. Everyone from the President to the Main Stream Media had already pre-judged the case. That the media ran, almost without exception, the picture of Trayvon as a 12 year old—when he was actually 17 years old, alone shows wild media bias.
Note that Zimmerman’s mother is from Peru—he’s half Hispanic—which is more than enough lineage for anyone to claim minority status. Did you ever hear about the case as being one minority person versus another one? Nope.
Also note that the judge suppressed the facts that Trayvon was visiting his dad because he’d been expelled from school where he lived—for stealing and violence.
Now the President has ordered the US Attorney General to continue to investigate this case. And everyone could see this coming. I’m guessing it’s because if he can keep the media focused on this, they’ll stay away from Benghazi, the FBI and IRS abusing citizens, and the other real scandals in Washington.
Yet, those six jurors did the unthinkable—they listened to the evidence as presented, and all of them came to the same conclusion—Not Guilty. Eventually, someone will figure out who they were and their lives and their families’ lives will be hurt forever. All this because they were good honest citizens who did their honest duty as jurors.
Ladies, you are real patriots and real heroines. You are the best role models I can think of for all Americans. Thank you for doing your duty, especially under those horrible circumstances. Frontlines of Freedom salutes each of you. God bless you.

On Aug. 26, Army Sergeant Ty Carter will receive the Medal of Honor for his courageous actions while serving as a cavalry scout with the 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, during combat operations in Afghanistan on Oct. 3, 2009.
Carter grew up in Spokane, Wash., and claims Antioch, Calif. as his home of record. He is married to Shannon Carter; they have 3 children.
Carter originally enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1998. He was honorably discharged from the Corps in 2002. He enlisted in the Army in January 2008.
Carter will be the fifth living recipient of the Medal of Honor for actions in Afghanistan.
COP Keating was a company-sized outpost in Nuristan, situated at the bottom of a constricted, bowl-shaped valley.
At 6 am, the enemy mounted a complex attack on COP Keating and another outpost. Attackers fired from the high ground with rifles and heavy machine guns.
Then-Sp4 Carter emerged from his barracks and sprinted 100 yards across open ground, under heavy fire, to join his fellow soldiers at the southern perimeter.
He again ran through enemy fire to retrieve gun lubricant and other supplies for soldiers firing at their attackers.
Soon, enemy fighters were inside the compound. In the chaos, Carter offered to pull a wounded comrade, Sp4 Stephan Mace, out of danger, but was stopped. After another intense period of fighting, Carter realized he couldn’t leave Mace out there to die.
He persuaded Sgt. Bradley Larson to let him try.
While Larson provided cover fire, Carter stanched Mace’s bleeding, picked him up and carried him through the hail of bullets back to the Humvee, and went back to firing.
With their ammo dwindling, and unable to communicate with anyone, Carter knew he had to get a radio. With Larson again covering, he ran into open terrain and found the radio of a fallen soldier, letting the command post know they were alive and needed help, especially for the wounded Mace.
After some 12 hours of intense fighting, a quick-reaction force arrived to link up with the men at Keating.
Congratulations, Sergeant Carter; you are a great soldier and a great American.

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