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Riots in Washington

Let’s see. Our president didn’t correct UAW Pres Jimmy Hoffa when he called me (and other Tea Party types—including lots of veterans) “sons of bitches.” So it’s clear that he has no plans to either listen to us or help us. His “army,” according to the union rally in Detroit is the unions. Now, I have nothing against unions for private sector workers. Of course, there aren’t too many workers in unions—something like 1 in every 8, I believe. Okay, except for police and fire, I’m not sure our public employees, who are so-called public servants, should have unions, but I digress.

Here’s something about O’s Army that somehow didn’t make it into the news on any major network—I wonder if the rioters were Tea Party folks…

This past week, longshoremen in Washington state blocked a train, clashed with police, attacked a shipping facility, and held a wildcat strike that shut down major ports. They held shipping facility guards hostage, slashed brake lines on train cars, dumped grain from the cars. You know, just a peaceful protest as protected by our First Amendment.

The International Longshore & Warehouse Union has spent all summer protesting a $200-million grain-shipping facility that Bunge North America subsidiary EGT is opening at the Port of Longview in southern Washington. It is, by the way, the first major grain export terminal built in the US in 20 years. Now, the ILWU has insisted it has the right to work there. However, talks broke down in April apparently over EGT’s demand to have longshoremen work 12-hour shifts without overtime pay, & other issues. EGT hired a contractor, which is using members of another union.

When the train arrived, about 400 longshoremen blocked it from the terminal for 4 hours, throwing rocks and using pepper spray on police. Police in riot gear convinced them to move aside; 19 protestors were arrested. All 400 broke the law and should be jailed.

Apparently Jimmy Hoffa’s Army, there for the president, isn’t for union workers—you must actually be in the right union to have any rights. I’m thankful that my time in the US Army was not involved with unions. I’m waiting for either Jimmy H or Pres O to condemn the ILWU. Should I hold my breath?

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  • Before Obama took office the Unions were in deep trouble with decreasing membership and the lose of trust by the American worker.

    Since Obama took office he has energized the Unions just as he has the Muslims in the Muslim world. The problem is the violence Obama in sites and the number of people who are killed and/or arrested. In Kenya over 1,300 Christians were killed by the Kenyan Muslims after Obama spoke at political rallies in Kenya. Then after Obama took office he traveled to Egypt and incited the Muslims to over through their secular governments and impost Islamic rule. Since then the Islamic world has been in turmoil as one government after another have come under attack.

    In other words we can expect to see more of this kind of violence as we get closer to election day 2012.

    My name is Jim Hayden and I AM the next American President

  • Jim,
    I think before you consider taking on the greatest and most powerful position in the world I think you should do a little more factual investigation. Jimmy Hoffa is the President of the Teamsters and not the UAW. Two there is such things as labor laws in this country that require overtime to be paid after 8 hours pay (depending on the state). This ensure safety, along with productivity and profit. Heaven forbid a person who works hard everyday, gets paid a LIVING wage instead of plummeting into the working class poverty range. Your ignorance is nothing but an waste of space.

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