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Russia and Humvees

Remember a year or so ago when Russia attacked the country of Georgia? At the time of the attack the Georgian army was doing some joint maneuvers with the US preparing for deployment to Iraq. There were a number of US advisors with the Georgian military units; they were riding in /The Russians quickly over-ran much of Georgia and captured a number of our Humvees. Well, we asked for them back. This week a top Russian general says Russia has no intention of returning them. Deputy chief of the General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn said that Russia considers the four Humvees to be war trophies, has no obligation to give them back, and considers the subject /So, we have a basically hostile Russia who has some oil-wealth and is working hard to become a world power—especially reaching out to South and Central America. And America—is doing nothing. Think that they’ll read this as weakness?

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